Campus Life

Social Outreach

Tokai University boasts an extensive network of student campuses and facilities throughout Japan, all operating in an open, inclusive environment predicated on strong links with local communities.

Extension Center

Tokai University Extension Center draw on the extensive academic resources of Tokai University to offer a unique selection of courses for people of all ages who are possessed of natural curiosity and a desire to study. Course topics range from literature, history, fine arts and culture to health, business and even Northern European languages.

To‐Collabo Program

The To-Collabo program is an initiative designed to utilize the national network resources of Tokai University, including campuses throughout the country, for the purpose of keeping both teaching staff and students informed about specific local issues and broader national challenges and promoting collaborative approaches towards finding solutions. The name To-Collabo is short for Tokai University Community Linking Laboratory, a collective term for local teaching and research structures that allow communities and entire regions to tap into the nationwide networks and resources of Tokai University.