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Experience Traveling Overseas on Tokai University's Research and Training Vessel "Bosei Maru"

Student Activities

Tokai University's Overseas Educational Cruise is a unique educational program, which allows students to visit overseas nations on a research and training ship, the Bosei Maru, owned by Tokai University. Its goal is to provide students with an opportunity to learn the importance of cultural differences, environmental issues and cooperation by experiencing firsthand, international communication through overseas cruising and living aboard a ship with their peers.

To recruit participants for the program, Tokai University solicits application submissions each fall from interested students of Tokai University and Junior Colleges and narrows the field eligible for interviews.

Including the around-the-world cruise conducted in 1996, the program's former destinations include Hawaii, Australia, Shanghai, Taiwan, Bangkok and various nations in the South Pacific, where international exchange has been conducted with Universities and public organizations. Students take courses and engage in research of destinations in addition to participating in various club activities that are conducted during their stay on the ship.

The Tokai University Overseas Educational Cruise is designed to expand students' field of vision by giving them the opportunity to experience the culture and society of foreign countries. The program's goal is the cultivation of life values, an expansion of the worldview of each student, by allowing them to experience the ever-changing condition of the limitless sea and enabling them to develop a rich personality through the challenging environment of the ship.

Production of Solar Cars Through Student Projects

Production of Solar Cars Through Student Projects

Problems related to energy and the environment are serious issues that mankind is facing today. At Tokai University, students independently work on developing solar cars that run on photovoltaic cells through collaboration between industries and academia. Numerous adjustments and tests are done on these cars and then entered into races both in and out of the country. A variety of events that allow our solar cars to be put on display and test driven are held for elementary and middle school students as well as people in the community. This provides an opportunity for all of us to think about how we can solve environmental problems.

A Strong Passion - Participating in Races and Contributing to the Local Community

The solar car generates power from the solar panels on its roof - this energy, in turn, runs the motor and therefore presents less harm to the environment. Each day adjustments are made to improve the body weight and decrease the wind resistance of the cars. Efforts are made to use solar power as the main power source to make a faster and more environmentally friendly vehicle. It can be said that this is an "Accomplish to Build (Monozukuri) Project" unique to Tokai University where nearly 60% of the student population is either a Science or Engineering major.

Tokai University's Solar Car Team belongs to the Student Project Center's "Light Power Project" - a student centered research project focused on energy-saving cars. This project not only includes the Solar Car Team but also teams developing man-powered airplanes and electric bicycles. All groups participate in races in and outside of Japan. The teams also work together to hold environmental education events for children as well as other activities that contribute to the local community.