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Career Support

Tokai University supports each and every student with a tailored curriculum, in line with the belief that helping students to find stable employment should be part of the overall education experience.

Let's have a look at the unique comprehensive three-point assistance package available to students of Tokai University.

Career Step : a Four-Year Process of Planning for Future Employment

Career design

Consider your future, identify possibilities and start preparing yourself for the world of work

Career design advice from professional consultants

Qualified career consultants encourage students to ponder the fundamental question of what “work" means, while encouraging every student to develop an overall life plan.

The curriculum makes extensive use of small-group activities to nurture proactive job-hunting skills.

Tokai JOB-LEAGUE provides access to a variety of internships

Unlike other universities, Tokai University offers internships as early as the spring break in second year, with placements available at nearly 150 participating companies in a range of industries. The internship program is a great opportunity to experience a real-world workplace, develop an appreciation of the demands of working life, and find out more about your chosen vocation.

Expansive employment network

Comprehensive nationwide job network unique to Tokai University!
Central access to information at all 7 campuses from Hokkaido to Kyushu

National job network

The national job network provides instant access to employer data at Career Guidance Centers at all 7 campuses from Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu in the south. With around 15,000 job offers around the nation listed at any one time, students can search for employment opportunities in their hometown, or elsewhere in Japan.

Combined employer information sessions on campus

Combined on-campus employer information sessions begin from March in third year and continue through to October in fourth year. Around 500 companies are represented, from leading brands to relatively small businesses. Many of the recruiters are themselves Tokai University graduates, providing the opportunity to link up with alumni while on campus.

Stand-alone employer information sessions

From time to time, leading employers will visit Tokai University campuses to provide information sessions on a stand-alone basis. These sessions provide an excellent opportunity for students to meet with HR personnel and hear directly from graduates. The sessions are streamed simultaneously to all 7 Tokai University campuses across Japan.

Preparation for job hunting and entrance examinations

Research the latest developments in your chosen vocation or industry and study interview tips and techniques to maximize your chances of success.

Preparatory courses for careers in government

  1. Courses are held on campus. No travel time or travel costs!
  2. The National Civil Service General Level (university graduates/government administration)/Regional Government Grade course costs around ¥160,000, which is considerably less than the ¥300,000 - ¥400,000 demanded by external preparatory programs.

Preparatory courses for careers in media

This covers a wide range of media formats including television, newspapers, magazines, and web-based media.

Preparatory courses for careers in the aviation industry
Don't hold back! Pursue your flight attendant dreams!

A practical guide to achieving your life goal of a career in aviation.

Career Support Center

Information, advice and assistance for job seekers

The Career Support Center provides comprehensive advice and support for students looking to start out in their chosen career. Experienced and knowledgeable counselors conduct one-on-one sessions on identifying the most suitable industry, vocation and employers, as well as providing practical advice on how to prepare application documents and how to make a good impression in interviews. The Career Support Center is also an excellent source of information backed by a nationwide support network.

Employment Committee

The Employment Committee is made up of instructors who have personal involvement in counseling students on employment issues and who are drawn from all departments and courses, as well as representatives from the Career Support Center. The Committee is committed to incorporating career advice into university education right from the early years, and provides comprehensive career guidance to help students find work in their chosen vocation.

Career Guidance for International Students

Tokai University has dedicated career-related programs for international students, such as Career Guidance for International Students, which describes the employment market in Japan and offers advice on how to search for a job. Dedicated internships for international students are offered during the summer break, providing valuable opportunities to gain work experience at Japanese companies, learn about different vocations, plan a future career and get motivated to start looking for a job in earnest. The Career Guidance Office, meanwhile, has a dedicated section for international students that provides details of potential job opportunities and other relevant information relevant. The Office also provides counseling, assistance with resumes and job applications, and coaching in interview skills.

See also the Japan Student Services Organization website:

Career Path

Electrical Device, Electronics, Chemical Engineering, etc. DIC Corporation / DMC Co., Ltd. / J-Devices Corporation / KAMAYA ELECTRIC Co.,LTD. / Konica Minolta, Inc. / Koto Electric Co., Ltd. / Micron Technology, Inc. / Mikasa seiyaku co., ltd / MORITA ELECTRIC INDUSTRY CO.,LTD. / NICCA CHEMICAL CO., LTD / Nippon Chemi-Con Corporation / Omron Corporation / ROHM Wako CO., LTD. / Saudi Arabian Oil Company / TAIYO MANUFACTURING Co., Ltd. / TAUNS Laboratories
Information Technology, etc. Addo Business Consultant / Ad-Sol Nissin Corp. / Aliplaza / BRICKS. Corporation / Computer Engineering & Consulting, Ltd. / FUJITSU FSAS INC / HL Corporation / Impact Blue / Japan System Techniques Co., Ltd. / Kokusai Kogyo Co., Ltd. / Kyowa Exeo Corporation / NEC Networks & System Integration Corporation / NEWSON Corporation / N-stage Corporation / SAISON INFORMATION SYSTEMS CO.,LTD. / Solidray Co.,Ltd./ UCL Corporation / Vision Inc. / XI’AN STARTIASOFT INC.
Manufacturing, Plant Engineering, etc. Advantec Co. Ltd / AISHIN AW Industries Co. Ltd / ALPS ALPINE CO., LTD. / Asahi Diamond Industrial Co.,Ltd. / BeNEXT Technologies Inc. / Calsonic Kansei Corporation / Chuou kikoh / DECSYS CORPORATION / ENVIRONMENTAL COLNTROL CENTER / GASTEC CORPORATION / Hino Motors, Ltd., / Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. / Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. / Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co.,Ltd. / Hitachi Zosen Corporation / Hitachi Zosen Corporation / Honda Motor Co., Ltd./ Honda Cars Atsugi / ISHIFUKU Metal Industry Co., Ltd. / Japan Automatic Machine Co., Ltd./ Kawada Robotics Crop. / KITZ CORPORATION / Kondo Group / KOYO CO. LTD. / Mitsubishi Motors / MMC RYOTEC CORPORATION / Nakagawa Sangyo CO., LTD / Nidec Tosok Corporation / NISSAN JAPAN / Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. / Nissan Shatai Co., Ltd. / OSHIKIRI MACHINERY LTD. / STANLEY ELECTRIC CO., LTD. / Sankei Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd. / SANKYU INC / SANWA DOCK CO LTD / Suzuki Motor Corporation / TAKADA CORPORATION / TOYO KANETSU K.K. / Techno Ware Co., LTD / ULVAC / YAMADA DENKI Co., Ltd. / Yumeden Inc. / ZMP Inc.
Construction, etc. Daiwa House Industry Co., Ltd. / Daiwa Lantec / EIKO / Fuji Furukawa Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. / Fujita Corporation / Hitachi Plant Construction Ltd. / JFE Engineering Corporation / KAWASAKI SETSUBI KOGYO co., Ltd. / Koizumi corporation / MAEDA ROAD CONSTRUCTION Co.Ltd/ Miho Zosen / OBAYASHI CORPORAION (Thailand) / Panasonic Environmental Systems & Engineering Co., Ltd. / PCRW Consultant / Rinkai Nissan Construction Co., Ltd. / Sankyu Plant Techno/ Senca Asset / TAISEI CORPORATION / Universal Construction
Tourism, Manpower agent, etc. Altech Corporation / Aspark Co. / COLOWIDE CO.,LTD. / DIP Corporation / Fellow Homes / Forbes JAPAN / Haneda Airport Enterprise Co., Ltd. / Hoshino Resorts Inc. / Hotel Green Plaza / Iizuka Hospital / Japan Techno Co.,Ltd. / JRTJTI Co.,Ltd / Kanesada Co., Ltd. / Kikuyoryokuka kosan Co., Ltd. / MEITEC CORPORATION / Mercury INC. / OneTerrace Inc. / Outsourcing Technology Inc. / Prince Hotels, Inc. / Sugoi Promotion Co., Ltd. / TechnoPro, Inc. / Top Global Inc. /, ltd. / Toyoko Inn Co., Ltd. / YUME TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD.
Others Adidas Japan KK / Airserve Co.,Ltd. / ANA NARITA AIRPORT / SERVICES CO.,Ltd. / ANA WINGS CO., LTD. / BICCAMERA INC. / Boston Trading., Inc / Campagne / Congres Inc. / DHL Supply Chain / E-LFIE CO., LTD. / FamilyMart Co., Ltd. / Fuji Life Insurance Company, Limited / IBS / Kotona / KSP, Inc. / Lawson, Inc. / Marubeni Nisshin Feed Co.,Ltd. / Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation / PCL Japan Inc. / Sangyo Hensyu Center Co., Ltd. / SHANSHO KAIUN CO., LTD. / Shinhan Bank Japan / University of Tsukuba Hosipital / YUMEOMIRAI Inc.
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