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Financial Aid

Tokai University has a scholarship system that is open to foreign students (excluding students completing the Japanese Language Course) which includes the Special Scholarship for International Students and the Matsumae Shigeyoshi Scholarship for International Students. With respect to off-campus scholarships, the Japan Student Services Organization provides scholarships from the national budget. Local public organizations and private groups also provide scholarships. In many cases, scholarship applications require documents such as an academic transcript, a diploma, and a degree certificate from the school the applicant graduated from. Applicants should therefore prepare these documents before coming to Japan.


Scholarships from Tokai University

* Must be nominated

  1. Honors Scholarship for International Students (100% tuition)
  2. Scholarship for International Students (¥150,000/semester)
  3. Work Study Scholarship (¥25,000/month)
    * Students must work (part-time) at the university for a certain number of hours.

Government/private scholarships

  1. Japanese government scholarship for privately financed international students (¥48,000/month)
    Recommendation from Tokai University is required.
    For more details, please check the site below:
  2. Private scholarships (Selectable from 40 or more types)
    For more details, please check the site below: