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Tokai University provides free annual health checks to all students as a means of encouraging personal responsibility for health while promoting early detection of illness. The health checks are conducted in conjunction with Tokai University Hospital and give students access to a range of health care professionals including doctors, public health nurses, psychiatrists and counselors. Students can also access support services for physical and emotional issues and relationship counseling services to help them adjust to student life in Japan.

National Health Insurance

All international students staying in Japan for three or more months are required to join a National Health Insurance System (1000-1500 yen/month). When you join the National Health Insurance System, you only have to pay 30% of treatment fees in the even that you are sick or injured.

Additional assistance for expensive medical procedures

Additional assistance is available to anyone who incurs very high health care expenses (typically at hospitals and pharmacies). If your medical expenses at a single hospital over the course of one month are in excess of ¥80,100 + (medical expenses – ¥267,000) x 1% (or ¥35,400 for those deemed exempt from the residence tax), you can apply for a refund of the amount in excess.