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Kholoud Mohamed

Kholoud Mohamed
Arab Republic of Egypt
1st Year (Master's Program) <at the time of interview>
Why did you choose Japan as a destination to study abroad?

I graduated from the Japanese Language Department of Cairo University, and in my third year of university I studied Japanese language for a year at a private university in Tokyo as an exchange student. After returning to Egypt, I graduated from Cairo University and worked as an assistant to a Japanese language teacher at Cairo University for two years, and I decided to study in Japan again to realize my dream of being a Japanese language teacher.

Tell us the good points you've chosen Tokai University.

I chose Tokai University for my graduate study after more than one acquaintance recommended it to me. It was the right choice because both the professors and my classmates are really kind and the the classes are fun. Also, I like atmosphere of the Shonan campus more than anything else. The huge grounds are filled with greenery, so you can learn in a very relaxing environment. In particular, the Christmas lighting decorations in front of the water fountain in December are beautiful and impressive.

How do you spend your weekends?

There are many classwork to do, but my daily life is rich. I am busy studying, so for my meals I usually buy something at a nearby store and eat it at home. There are many supermarkets and convenience stores near the university, so I am never inconvenienced. I sometimes go to my friends' houses in Yokohama or Tokyo on days off to hang out with them. For a change of pace, I talk with friends I haven't seen in a while or walk around the city. We also have fun eating out at a Japanese restaurant, a conveyor belt sushi shop or a halal restaurant.

Where was the best place you've visited inside Japan?(especially with a friend)

The places that left the biggest impression on me were Kyoto and Kobe and their townscapes. The streets and buildings looked elegant and beautiful. I have also been to Osaka, Nara and other places in Kansai, as well as Tokyo Disneyland, with friends. Japanese streets and neighborhoods are all beautiful and the food is delicious, so I have many fun memories. Next I want to visit Okinawa and Hiroshima.

How would you like to utilize the experience you had in Tokai University?

My goal is to become a Japanese language teacher in Egypt, and before I go home, I want to learn not only the language but also many good points about Japan. That is because I don't want to be a teacher who just teaches the Japanese language. I want to teach many people about Japan's culture, nature and humanity and I want them to like Japan. By doing so, I hope I can become an intermediary between my home country of Egypt and Japan.

Please write a message to foreigners who are thinking of coming to Tokai University.

There are international students from a wide variety of countries at Tokai University. So you can learn not only about Japan, but also about the values and culture of various countries. I usually converse in Japanese with students from other countries and always feel glad that I learned Japanese. I also want all of you to see the large Shonan Campus full of greenery. I really recommend that foreign students study at Tokai University. By all means come here.