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Yuta Isobe

Yuta Isobe
4th Year <at the time of interview>
Why did you choose Tokai University?

Tokai University has extensive sports programs. Being an athlete, that was very attractive to me. And this university has a system, environment and facilities in place to support competitors who aim to become top athletes. There are also many departments and undergraduate schools, and because students can take classes in other schools, you can learn all sorts of things.
Not only does it have plenty of sports, a lively campus and a wonderful environment, I can learn all sorts of things in my studies. Those were the things that attracted me and made me choose Tokai university.

Tell us the good points you've chosen Tokai University.

The facilities are substantial. When I have time I take the initiative to use the fitness center and pool.
Not only does it have training facilities, it also has a health promotion office that treats injuries and you can get nutritional advice offered in cooperation with the School of Medicine.
Learning also is important, but I am very satisfied with the fact that they have such great facilities and systems for keeping your body in condition.

Please tell us about the subject/classes you are taking now.

I am studying in the Athlete's Course of the Competitive Sports Department of the School of Physical Education. In this department you can acquire knowledge about sports by experiencing actual competition. By learning theory and practical methods from the point of view of the sports department and actually competing, students can aim to become a specialist — an athlete, a coach or a trainer.
Backing up students in improving their skills are some of the leading sports facilities and highly knowledgeable specialist teachers in Japan. This is the greatest attraction of this department.

Where was the best place you've visited inside Japan?(especially with a friend)

It's Kyoto. The streetscapes of Kyoto are very beautiful. They include traditional houses called machiya and the streets are stone-paved, so you can experience an atmosphere completely different from the usual. Also, when talking about Kyoto, you have to mention Kinkaku-ji temple. I was really drawn to its glistening, golden appearance.
And I recommend Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine above all. Its 3,000 torii gateways are popular among foreigners, and they make up such a fantastic sight spreading out in front of you, and even Japanese people are surprised too.

Please write a message to foreigners who are thinking of coming to Tokai University.

There are a lot of students with big goals at Tokai University. Each has a different goal, and it's stimulating to watch the process as a person proceeds toward her goal; there are many things you can learn from your friends. You can discover new values and share your values with one another.
By communicating in such ways, you can realize many things.
I think that is a big key to making yourself mature as a person.
Here there are lots of friends waiting to grow with you.
By all means come to this university and let's all grow together.