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Sungmin Lim

Sungmin Lim
Republic of Korea
4th Year <at the time of interview>
Tell us the good points you've chosen Tokai University.

There are many reasons I am glad I came to Tokai University, but the biggest one is that there are many events for foreigners. I first studied Japanese in the Japanese Lanauge Course at Tokai University and then entered my department by taking an examination for students with a recommendation. However, when I first came to Japan, I couldn't speak Japanese at all and I didn't know anyone. But while I was living in the international dorm, staff members taught me Japanese and about Japanese culture and I made friends with people from various countries, and soon I adapted to my life in Japan. When I look back on it now, I think it was really fun. Then I participated in a welcome party for international students and an international fair and started to make friends with lots of Japanese people, and I thought, "This school is really making an effort for international students."

Please tell us about the subject/classes you are taking now.

Right now I am studying hybrid rockets in the School of Engineering's Aeronautics and Astronautics course. To study rocket engines, you generally need knowledge about mathematics, hydrodynamics, thermodynamics and thermal conductivity engineering. When I entered the university and began learning from the fundamentals, the teachers taught me in a clear manner, so studying was very interesting and I developed a passion for the subject. We do experiments in class, and I am glad I was able to experience the fascination of actually using various machinery and equipment to make things and of operating equipment.

What do you find interesting around the Campus?

My favorite place in the campus vicinity is Ohne Park. That's because it is the perfect place to take a walk when I need a break from studying during a test period and it is pretty near the university and easy to get to. Another reason I recommend Ohne Park is because it has a skatepark and places to play various sports. Also, I recommend the river near the international dorm. I think it's the perfect place to have a barbecue with university friends in summer. I love eating delicious meat and having a cold drink by the cool-looking river on a hot day.

Where was the best place you've visited inside Japan?

The best place I visited with friends was Enoshima Island. The reason is that it has beautiful scenery and you can see traditional Japanese things there. And it doesn't just have traditional places, but also modern places (such as an aquarium and an observation deck), so even people who don't like traditional things can have a lot of fun. The first time I went to Enoshima, I went to a cave on the island and I was surprised that unlike the normal caves in my country, the interior was natural but also modern. And Enoshima is an island in the ocean, so its sunsets were truly beautiful. It may be an overstatement, but I think they are the most beautiful sunsets in Japan.

How would you like to utilize the experience you had in Tokai University?

There are many things I experienced as an international student at Tokai University that I think will be important in my future life. To name just two of them, the first is friends. In Korea, there is a saying that, "There is nothing worse than getting sick in a foreign country." The reason is that there is no one to take care of you while you are in pain. However, when I got sick, a friend came to my place, worried about me and helped me get better. Through this experience, and because I was able to make such a friend while studying abroad, I realized anew the importance of friends. The other important thing is planning. I didn't have that much planning ability, but starting to live by myself was the impetus for me planning things, even trivial things, and becoming accustomed to my new life. Living according to my plans allowed me to perform very well academically and begin to be considered a trustworthy person. So I think I want to value my friends and to make a big life plan and live according to it.