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Akane Hiraiwa

Akane Hiraiwa
3rd Year <at the time of interview>
Tell us the good points you've chosen Tokai University.

Tokai University puts a effort into English language education. The university offers classes in different levels, compulsory TOEIC classes, and Writing contests that help students learn English. I used to feel English was not for me, but now I can think of it as fun. And the number one good point is I made many important friends I can hang out with even on days when I don't have school. In my school, the School of Information and Telecommunication Engineering, there aren't many women and I felt a little uneasy about that when I enrolled, but precisely because there are so few we all are getting along well and having fun learning together.

Please tell us about the subject/classes you are taking now.

In my department I am of course taking specialized classes that use computers and numbers, but I find it attractive that it also has liberal arts classes. In Programming Algorithms, we do together with the professor everything from practice problems to practical application using an actual computer. And to give examples from the liberal arts, there's Creation and Lineage in which we watch one film and analyze it in detail, and economics and marketing, which are studied from the perspective of the sciences. They were all interesting.

How do you spend your weekends?

Mainly I do fun things with my high school and college friends. With my college friends I often do things in the city, like going to Shibuya or Odaiba. Also, a lot of my friends have a driver's license, so we often go for a drive. On weekdays when I come to school, I have lunch with my friends someplace nearby or on a lawn on campus during breaks. Some days I have to go to my part-time job after school, but when I don't have anything going on, my friends and I go to a coffee shop or someplace around Shinagawa station and chat and have fun.

What do you find interesting around the Campus?

Shinagawa Station, the station closest to the university, is a large terminal station, so of course it has restaurants and shopping malls, but also a movie theater and an aquarium, so you can have fun whenever you like. As you'd expect from its image as a high-class residential area, there are many fantastic spots in the Shirokane neighborhood near the university, including the Italian restaurant inside another nearby station, Shirokane-Takanawa Station, and fashionable restaurants and other stores. I haven't yet been to all the places I want to visit and I look forward to that.

Where was the best place you've visited inside Japan?(especially with a friend)

I have many memories of Hokkaido, where I went for my high school graduation trip. I was in the dance club in high school, and all the kids in the club went together. I live in Kanagawa, and that much snow on the ground was a rare and exciting sight for me. We went skiing and visited a cookie factory. It was a fun trip. As a cold and snowy area, Hokkaido has distinctive street lights and architectural designs. It was fun looking for the differences from Tokyo.