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Qinglu Ii

Qinglu Ii
People's Republic of China
3rd Year <at the time of interview>
Tell us the good points you've chosen Tokai University.

Tokai University has a Japanese Language Course for International Students, and its support for international students is more robust than that of other universities. You can easily get information on tuition reductions and exemptions and scholarships for international students, and if there is anything you don't understand you can easily go to the International Education Center office and get advice. So you can lead your life as a student with peace of mind.
There are lots of schools and departments on the Shonan Campus, therefore you can take classes outside your own specialty and gain a lot of knowledge. I study French and studied in France taking advantage of the university's study abroad program. It is attractive to me that I can study not only Japanese and English, but also study to become a potential employee who speaks many languages.

Please tell us about the subject/classes you are taking now.

The School of Tourism in which I am enrolled involves in various fields and in it you can encounter a variety of knowledge. In the field of cultural tourism I am researching the movements of tourists at such events as festivals. In the service management field I am studying the management of travel companies, airline companies and the like. In the field of leisure and recreation, I am studying nature conservation in the ocean and the mountains, the structure of utilization methods, recreations and events, and in the field of regional design, I am researching urban planning. In the School of Tourism, we don't simply listen to lectures in the classroom, we also have many opportunities to go out into the field with professors and people from the community.

What do you find interesting around the Campus?

The Shonan Campus is near the famous tourist destination of Hakone, so it is easy to go there. Also, in the area around the university there are real mountains and on weekends it is good to get your friends together and go hiking. Also, because you can go to Hiratsuka Station with a single bus ride, I think it is convenient to go shopping or take a stroll in the shopping district. In the campus area you can eat various types of food. There are restaurants serving Chinese food, Korean food, grilled meat, ramen and more. There are also grocery stores such as a gourmet supermarket, a Yorkmart and a Create, so I think it's also convenient for people who want to cook.

How would you like to utilize the experience you had in Tokai University?

At Tokai University, not only did I gain specialized knowledge in the School of Tourism, my foreign language abilities also improved. I studied French as a second foreign language, took a lot of classes and improved, went on to study abroad and became good at speaking the language. I also participated in various activities with professors from the School of Tourism and put what I learned in the lectures to work actually working with people from the prefecture. Taking advantage of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, in the future I would like to use these experiences to encourage tourist exchange among countries.

Please write a message to foreigners who are thinking of coming to Tokai University.

There are international students from various countries at Tokai University, so it is a global university. If you leave your country and try living as a "foreigner," I am sure you'll make many interesting discoveries. Here you can encounter both Japanese culture and the cultures of many other countries, so Tokai University opens up new worlds to students. There are also many clubs at Tokai University, so it is also a good idea to make many friends and interact with many people here. I think you will find your life at Tokai University rich and enjoyable.