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Polina Akinshina

Polina Akinshina
Russian Federation
  • Exchange Student (Moscow State University)
Why did you choose Japan as a destination to study abroad?

I specialize in politics at Moscow State University, and I was learning Japanese and English. Japan is the most advanced country in Asia and I am interested in its economy, policies and history. I think many of the people who study in Japan are interested in such aspects of Japanese culture as anime, but I decided to study in Japan because I was attracted by the national characteristics of diligence, fortitude and mutual respect. I want to learn about those things before I go home.

Tell us the good points you've chosen Tokai University.

I want to be involved with Japan in the fields of politics and sports in the future. There are lots of sports going on at Tokai University and sports are active on the Shonan Campus. So you can experience the ambiance of Japanese sports just by being on the campus, and it is an environment where a sports enthusiast like myself can be very satisfied. I also have made many friends I get along well with and am leading a fulfilling student life here every day.

How do you spend your weekends?

I like to cook, so I often make Japanese dishes such as curry and rice, and udon noodles. Also I often go to parties in the dorm or at friends' houses. We study each other's languages, talk about many things and have a very rich daily life.

Where was the best place you've visited inside Japan?(especially with a friend)

I like nature, so I enjoyed visiting Oyama, Enoshima and Hakone, which are near the university. Next month I plan to go to Toyama and Kanazawa with a friend. I like the old streetscapes of Japan so I am really looking forward to it.
Before I return to Russia I also want to go to Nagasaki and Fukuoka.

Please write a message to foreigners who are thinking of coming to Tokai University.

I really recommend this university to people who like sports. There are plenty of sports facilities on the campus so I can always feel like sports are close to me. Also, Tokai University is a bit remote from the center of Tokyo, and to that extent it has abundant nature and there are lots of places to relax on the campus. Also, on days off you can easily go trekking in the mountains, play at the beach or go to a hot spring resort. I really recommend this university to people who enjoy the outdoors!