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Tokai University Ranked 3rd Overall in UNIVAS AWARDS 2019-20

Tokai University was ranked third overall in the UNIVAS AWARDS 2019-20 for the all-sport university competition UNIVAS CUP 2019-20, organized by the Japan Association for University Athletics and Sports (UNIVAS). The awards ceremony was livestreamed throughout Japan on March 27. The UNIVAS CUP ranks UNIVAS member universities according to men's, women's, and overall tournament performances in 2019 across 31 sports. Tokai's athletic teams had a strong year with victories in various weight classes at the All-Japan University Judo Championships, a top four finish at the All-Japan University Rugby Championship, and a second-place men's finish at the Intercollegiate Skiing Games. In the UNIVAS CUP, Tokai came in second in the men's division, third in the women's division, and third overall.

The awards ceremony was held at the Tokyo International Forum. Due to coronavirus concerns, award winners and university officials were unable to attend in person, but their acknowledgment remarks were read aloud during the ceremony. Tokai University Chancellor Kiyoshi Yamada sent in his thoughts, commenting, "Our university is extremely proud to be ranked third overall. This prize is for our "overall" ranking, meaning that this is not an award for one particular group but rather a recognition of our achievements in a wide range of events, which makes us very happy. Currently, our society is in an extremely difficult situation, but we hope to continue supporting student activities so that next year, we can encourage our students to achieve an even higher ranking."