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Research Seeds

Promising research seeds

TES encourages cutting-edge research for the next generation in a variety of fi­elds, centering on nanotechnology and life science.

Many research seeds have sprouted and bloomed in diverse industries.

Nanotechnology and materials

    • Development of innovative nanobiomaterials with unique properties and their medical applications
    • Analysis of collagenous fi­ber's self-organizing property to induce tensile stress and development of a method to make artifi­cial tendons
    • Low-temperature synthesis of Mg2Si using hydrogen
    • Production of liquid to disperse nanocarbon material and its application
    • Soil house made of lique­fied soil-cement with vinylon ­fiber
    • Application of chromophoric silver ­film
    • Introduction of joining technology for dissimilar metals −Brazing of CP-Ti to stainless steel by using combination brazing filler metal foils−
    • Development of analytical method for biological and/or moist materials with probe water structures −From living body to concrete−

Life science

    • Gene polymorphism analysis for carcinoma pharmacotherapy
    • New application of glycoscience to analysis of immunity, cranial nerves and membrane function
    • Measurement of advanced glycation end-products (AGEs) and development of inhibitor for AGEs formation using food ingredients
    • New cancer therapy and periodontal disease therapy, proposal and equipment development II
    • Active oxygen monitoring and application for sterilization system using a quartz crystal microbalance method
    • Structural analysis of glycolipid by convenient and rapid removal of detergent and triglyceride
    • Objective diagnostic tool for sick-building syndrome −Comprehensive evaluation using neurologic technique–
    • Project to establish quantitative pain assessment for development of painless microneedle
    • Collaboration of medical and engineering fi­elds using the world's fi­rst system combining diagnosis and treatment −Setting up a collaborative research organization to raise the profi­le of Tokai University−
    • Fabrication of 3-dimensional cell structure using patterning with electrostatically-injected droplet (PELID) method
    • Roles of α-chimaerin in the neural circuit for eye movement
    • In vitro cultivation of hematopoietic stem cells and their precursors − MIR126-induced proliferation and maintenance of pluripotency−
    • Anti-adhesion effect of type V collagen α3 chain, and its clinical application

Agriculture, forestry and Fi­sheries (food)

    • Research on effective use of functional ingredients using anthocyanin-rich sweet potato
    • Development of Tokai University's original high-function foods and basic research to create Tokai University brands

Environment and energy

    • Development of a system for monitoring and managing intestinal flora-derived odor for improving environment in hospitals
    • Research on pelagic ecosystem response to climate variability in the transition zone of central North Pacifi­c Ocean using satellite derived ocean surface current data
    • Research on the waterfront ecosystem of the Yaeyama Islands and its preservation −Distribution of endangered plants in paddy fi­elds on Iriomote Island−
    • Decomposition of refractory, hazardous organic compounds in water using atmospheric-pressurized plasma jet −For water purifi­cation−
    • Analysis of hydrological regime affected by stream velocity and irregularity of stream bed and the regime's influence on the rate of settlement of aquatic insects
    • Basic research on absolute measurement of optical radiation's intensity
    • Research on the relationship between fi­sh distribution and physical/chemical environment in the River Kaname in Kanagawa Prefecture
    • Comprehensive research for investigating cloud lifecycle using 3rd-generation satellite systems and models
    • ‑ermoacoustic engine with an energy conversion rate of 30% using a 300ºC heat source
    • Fabrication of high-performance dye-sensitized solar cells by precise control of titanium dioxide layers
    • Development of high-performance photocatalyst for hydrogen energy by chemical solution processes
    • Research and development of high temperature superconducting current leads prepared by YBCO tapes

Manufacturing technology

    • Development of human mimetic robotics
    • Development of high-rigidity thrust air bearing using a technique to optimize groove shape
    • Research and development of easily removable screws to assist recycling, and human-friendly medical and dental equipment parts

Humanities, social science and others

    • Robot technologies for underwater work −A robot for research on underwater archaeology, plants, animals and the environment−
    • Phenomenological and experimental research to analyze the functions of embodied knowledge in relation to intersubjectivity theory
    • Study on a formative method; applying snowfall to make outdoor environments richer and healthier
    • Archeological research on the process of settlement by paddy rice farmers and subsequent effects on the landscape on the Yaeyama Islands from the 17th to 18th century