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Genome Data Compression Program "NAF" Published in Digital Version of Top Journal "Bioinformatics"

School of Medicine, Department of Medicine Research Fellow Kirill Kryukov (Basic Medical Science and Molecular Medicine) and others developed a new genome data compression program called "Nucleotide Archival Format" (NAF). On February 25, this development was published in the digital version of the leading bioinformatics journal Bioinformatics.

Typically, the "gzip" program is used for the compression of genome array databases. However, in recent times, as the analysis of genomes has rapidly advanced, both custodians and users of genome array data faced difficulties related to securing the capacity required to store the vast amount of data and the slow speed of data decompression. In order to solve these issues, Kryukov and others developed the genome data compression program "NAF," which has a data compression ratio and decompression speed that are among the top in the world. NAF is expected to improve the efficiency of genome analysis and greatly contribute to speeding up research in the field.

>Access the Bioinformatics article here.

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>Download a PDF version here.(Japanese only)