Long-Term Stay Visa (Research Visa)

If you will stay in Japan over 90 days, you need to obtain a research visa. It will require about three months to obtain the visa.

Application Deadline

At least 4 months before commencing the research activity.

Application Materials

  1. Application form for Eligibility (Part1 and Part 2 only)* No need to fill out “For Organization” sheet.
  2. Photo x 1 sheet
  3. Certificate of bank balance, certificate of annual income, or financial record (bank report, proof of scholarship, salary)
  4. Certificate of enrollment or a certificate of employment issued by the home institution
  5. Certified copy of academic certificates (the highest degree or the latest) issued by the university
  6. Research Plan
  7. CV or research achievement
  8. Photocopy of passport
  9. Photocopy of the stamp page of your passport if you have entered Japan in the past years.


  • The documents should be in English or Japanese.
  • Colored parts in the Application form for Eligibility must be filled in completely.
  • If you plan to stay in Japan for one year, the certificate of bank balance must be equivalent to 1,200,000 yen. For 6 months, it must be equivalent 600,000 yen at least.

For more details, please visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Short-Term Stay Visa

If you need a short stay visa, it will take 2 months prior to its arrival date. Visa requirement conditions varies by country.

(For the countries or regions that require a visa to enter Japan, please check at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan’s website.)

Application Materials

  1. Application form *Please get the form at the Japanese Embassy.
  2. Photo x 1
  3. Passport
  4. Certificate of financial support to prove sufficient living expenses in Japan
  5. Certificate of employment issued by your home institution
  6. Copy of your personal round-trip plane ticket

Materials Prepared by the Host Professor

  1. Invitation Letter
  2. Letter of guarantee
  3. Schedule of stay
  4. University brochure

Host Professors: Please send the materials listed above (1-4) to visiting researchers.

For more details, please visit Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan

Extension of Visa

International researchers are strongly advised to begin the procedures for visa extension three months prior to the expiration date.

Changing a Short Stay Visa to a Research Visa

International researchers have to begin the procedures for changing their visa three months prior to its expiration date.

Tokai University will apply for your research visa to the Japanese Embassy upon request.