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Industry-Academia Collaboration Fair 2019

The Industry-Academia Collaboration Fair 2019 was held on August 7 on Takanawa Campus. The fair is an annual event held by the Innovative Collaboration Center to create a space where people involved in research development both within and outside of Tokai can share information on joint research with companies and technology transfer to create a pathway for research to give back to society (industry-academia partnerships).

Vice Chancellor for Sciences Dr. Toshiyuki Inazu gave a speech about "Tokai University's Research Promotion and Collaboration with Industry." Inazu spoke about the history of Tokai's research activities and Tokai's position in global university rankings. He stated, "Tokai University is a comprehensive institution, with 19 schools and 75 departments, specializations and courses at our vast campuses throughout Japan. One of our strengths is our research activities in a variety of academic fields." Inazu also discussed the Tokai Technological Innovative and Revolutionary Action (TIARA) Program, which goes beyond the traditional borders of schools and research laboratories to cultivate organizational-level partnerships with the business world. Inazu expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We want to continue producing research results in various areas and partnering with companies so these results can contribute to society."

The keynote speech was given by Japan International Science and Technology Exchange Center Trustee and Tokai University International Education Center Guest Professor Kenkichi Hirose. In his talk, "Looking at the Current State of Chinese Scientific Technology," Hirose discussed the Japan and China's issues and ambitions while offering comparisons between Japanese and Chinese universities, research development investment levels, and intellectual property strategies.

Mr. Toshiyuki Suda from IHI Corporation gave a talk about "IHI's Green Energy Strategy." Suda commented, "In order to address the strong drive in recent years to decrease dependence on carbon, IHI is developing research into various technologies, such as how to make the most efficient use of energy carriers, such as hydrogen and ammonia, as well as renewable energy sources, such as biomass and solar." Suda also introduced technologies developed by IHI and discussed challenges related to social implementation.