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International Conference in China on National Parks and Outdoor Recreation Development

School of Tourism, Department of Tourism Professor Nobuhiko Tanaka attended the first international conference on national parks and outdoor recreation development held at the Shanghai University of Sport in China from December 12-15, 2018. Tanaka gave a keynote speech on the theme "Current State of Tourism and Recreation National Parks and Forest Area."

Last April, China established a national park administration and has begun trial operations of national parks in nine locations. The establishment of national parks is aimed at protecting vulnerable ecosystems from damage caused by humans such as logging, illegal mining, pollution, and animal poaching. In China, however, nature parks and protected areas have been labeled as tourist attractions and have long been managed by the tourism administration. This international conference, aimed at Chinese researchers and others, was hosted by the Shanghai University of Sport to introduce the current state in various countries of the tourist recreation administration of national parks and link this to the internationalization of China's national parks administration.

Many researchers from around the world participated in the conference, including researchers from the United States (which established the world's first national parks), South Korea, Brazil and other countries. In addition to discussing the situation in their respective countries, participants also exchanged ideas on how Chinese national parks should be managed.