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Joint Class Held With Idratshojskolen Bosei of Denmark

Tokai University's School of Cultural and Social Studies, Department of Nordic Studies held a joint class with Idratshojskolen Bosei* of Denmark on May 31st at Shonan Campus. This course is held annually in the spring and fall in order to provide opportunities for students from both countries to interact with each other and to deepen mutual understanding and interest. This year, 35 students who have an interest in Japan came from Denmark. Approximately 60 first- and second- year students who are taking Danish, Norwegian and Swedish languages participated from Tokai University.

In addition, Principal of Idratshojskolen Bosei, Kenneth Retslov met with Tokai University's Chancellor Kiyoshi Yamada and professor emeritus of the School of Design and expert of Nordic design, Oda Noritsugu in the afternoon. In addition to reflecting on the history of the relationship between Tokai University and Denmark, they exchanged ideas about their hopes for the future relationship between the two institutions and on the accomplishments of design education and research.

*Idratshojskolen Bosei

Idratshojskolen Bosei is a boarding school (Folk High School) for young adults 18 years and older that is located in Praesto city, about an hour by car from Denmark's capitol, Copenhagen. It opened in 2009 as a Danish educational institution that carried on the facilities and educational mission of Tokai University Denmark Campus and has courses in judo, sports, Japanese and English languages, as well as courses on Denmark that are geared toward students from outside of the country. Students from Scandinavia, other European countries, Japan and other parts of Asia attend. Tokai University's academic exchange agreement with it allows Tokai to accept their students as trainees and allows our students to attend as foreign exchange students.