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Papers by Master's Students Published in Carbohydrate Research Journal

Research papers authored by Graduate School of Engineering, Course of Applied Science 2nd year students Yuri Asami (Faculty Advisor: Department of Applied Biochemistry Professor Osamu Kanie) and Ryosuke Yamaguchi (Faculty Advisors: Professor Kanie and Associate Professor Yoshitaka Shimizu) were published in the international journal Carbohydrate Research. The publication, an academic journal established in 1965, mainly focuses on basic research in biochemistry, genetic engineering, and structural chemistry related to glycan compounds. Yamaguchi's paper was published in the online version of the journal on December 24, 2018 (print edition No. 473). Asami's paper was published online on January 30 (print edition No. 474). It is extremely rare for papers authored by master's level graduate students to be published in international academic journals.

The faculty of the Department of Applied Biochemistry actively pursue joint research. The laboratories of Professor Kanie, who specializes in glycochemistry, and Associate Professor Shimizu, who specializes in liposome engineering, have been working together for some time, also collaborating with researchers at the Institute of Advanced Biosciences to further their research. It can be said that these two papers are the result of this synergy.

Research paper by Asami:
「Stereoselective trimethylsilylation of α- and β-galactopyranoses」

Research paper by Yamaguchi:
「A unique structural distribution pattern discovered for the cerebrosides from starfish Asterias amurensis」