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Professor Uchida Develops Hiratsuka City Road Information System "Michirepo"

The research group of School of Information Science and Technology, Department of Human and Information Science Professor Osamu Uchida designed and developed the road information system "Michirepo" at the request of the city of Hiratsuka. The system will be operational starting March 1. The city of Hiratsuka receives around 2000 road repair requests annually from its citizens. Until now, these requests had to be submitted by phone, in-person, or via email through the city's website.

Michirepo has been under development since last May with the support of Professor Uchida, who has used Twitter (a platform only allowing short posts) to develop an app to share information about disasters called Disaster Information Tweeting System (DITS) and an app called Disaster Information Mapping System (DIMS) that displays the DITS submissions on a map. Michirepo works by allowing users to access a special site for the road information system through their smartphones and make a submission using their personal Twitter account. After entering road information, users can submit the location of their request using GPS. Users can also attach pictures taken with their smartphones to their submissions. City employees will be able to check these requests as they are submitted and take swift action to make repairs or contact the appropriate officials.

Since 1985, Tokai University and the city of Hiratsuka have been consulting and collaborating on a variety of projects.