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Graduation Research Published as Original Paper in Polish Scientific Journal

Tomohide Ishiguro, a graduate of the School of Information Science and Technology, Department of Human and Information Science currently in his 2nd year in the Graduate School of Engineering, Course of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and others conducted research for a graduation thesis called "Immersive experience influences eye blink rate during virtual reality gaming." After a rigorous peer review, it was decided that the research will soon be published as an original paper in the Polish Psychological Bulletin, an official journal of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

Ishiguro and the other researchers used the programming skills they learned in their coursework as a foundation to create a virtual reality shooting game, and performed a detailed analysis of users' blinking during game play. They discovered that the frequency of blinking greatly increases when players are immersed in the game. The research results demonstrate the possibility of objectively evaluating the usability of a virtual reality game by measuring blinks, and it is hoped that the research can be applied to allow game developers to create even better software.

The paper is slated to be published in the following edition and pages.

Ishiguro T., Suzuki C., Nakakoji H., Funagira Y., Takao M. (2019) Immersive experience influences eye blink rate during virtual reality gaming. Polish Psychological Bulletin 50(1): 49-53.