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Extension of Student Visa

International students are strongly advised to begin the procedures for extension of his/her student visa three months prior to its expiration date. Please come to International Education Center (1F, Bldg. 1) to get the necessary documents. If you belong to the campus other than Shonan, please go to Academic and Student Services Department of each campus.

Residence Card

Under the Japanese law, you are obliged to bring your Residence Card anytime.

Re-entry Permit System

If you leave and return to Japan within one year, you will not need to apply for Re-entry permission.

Temporary Work Permission

Please submit the copy of ‘Temporary work permission' issued by the immigration office to us.

The student of Japanese language course International Education Center Office
The student of undergraduate, graduate course students or a research student Academic and Student Services Department at each campus

Even with permission from the immigration office, inappropriate work (such as working in the sex industry) or work that exceeds the designated hours is not permitted. Conduct financial planning ahead of time to allow you to participate in university life without relying too heavily on income from part-time work.

Visa for Graduate Students

Details on the Residency System

Revision of the Immigration Control Act (Transfers and Withdrawals) (2012.07.09)

The Immigration Control Act (Transfers and Withdrawals) has changed.