Exchange Programs

To apply for the International Exchange Student Program, your home university must have an exchange agreement with Tokai University, and you have to be nominated by your home university.

Note: For prospective exchange students wishing to study at Sapporo campus (formerly called Hokkaido Tokai University), please visit the link from the INTERNATIONAL STUDENT PROGRAM FOR THE PARTNER UNIVERSITIES.

Application Period

[Spring Semester] November 1st~November 30th (Beginning in April)

[Fall Semester] April 1st~April 30th (Beginning in October)


-Please fill in the required items on the application form
・The URL of the application form will be sent to your home university. Please get it from the person in charge and submit it before the application deadline.
・This form could not temporarily store the data you filled in, so please prepare all documents before filling in the required items.

-Please prepare the JPG or PDF data of the following documents before filling in the required items. For more details, please refer to the application form.

  1. Personal Information

・Photograph  (JPG, under 50KB)
 *Please do not use the photograph that applied your VISA in the past.
 *It must be taken within three months of the date of submission.
 *Please check the following website for specifications of photo.

・Copy of passport
 *Please make sure that your passport remains valid until the end of your study abroad. If not, please apply for a new passport.

Copies of the seal of “landing permission” and the page regarding the latest entry/exit Japan record
 (Only if you have applied for a certificate of eligibility in the past)

Documents to certify the purpose of stay such as certificate of internship, graduation and transcript (including attendance rate) etc. issued by the relevant organization(s).)
 (Only If you have stayed in Japan more than 3 months in the past.) 
 (Ex. If you have stayed in Japan with a “Student” residence status, please attach the copies of your graduation certificate and transcript.)

2. Japanese Learning Background*¹

Certificate of Japanese-Language Proficiency Test
 (Only if you have)
 *Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (hereinafter referred to as “JLPT”)

A letter of recommendation from your Japanese teacher or Score on TTBJ’s SPOT90
 (Only if you don’t have a JLPT certificate or have less than 150 hours of study at educational institutions)

*¹To apply for the Intensive Japanese Language Program, your Japanese language proficiency must be level N5 (or higher) in the JLPT.  (We don’t have beginner’s classes.)
-Applicants must meet one or more of the following conditions.
1) JLPT N5 or higher.
2) Have studied Japanese for a total of 150 hours or more at educational institutions (college, high school, or Japanese language school).
3) Have Japanese language skills equivalent to 1) or 2) above.
Applicants who do not meet either 1) or 2) above must submit one of the following evidence of your Japanese language proficiency.
・A letter of recommendation from your Japanese language teacher stating that your Japanese language
proficiency is N5 or higher.
・Your score on the TTBJ’s SPOT 90 is 30 or higher (please submit the pdf of your score).

3.The information of payment Method for expenses while in Japan

4.Health Condition/Reasonable accommodation

5.Pledge・Personal Reference for non-degree student (exchange student)

6.Regarding arrival and return flight tickets

Information for ACCEPTED Exchange students

Please be sure to observe the “entry and move in dormitory” period. After leaving the dormitory, students are not allowed to stay in Japan and must return to their home countries by the deadline. For more details, please refer to the application form.

【Move in dates for dormitory】

The detailed schedule of the period during which you can enter the dormitory will be announced at a later date.
Spring semester: The last week in March.
Fall semester: 3rd week of September.

【Deadline to leave the dormitory】
Check-out deadline for students completing the Fall 2024 semester: Until February 7, 2025
Check-out deadline for students completing the Spring 2025 semester: Until August 7, 2025

[NOTE] Please purchase your round-trip ticket only after receiving your Letter of Acceptance from Tokai University. For more details, please refer to the application form.

International Students Guide