Exchange Programs

Intensive Japanese Language Program for Exchange students (will be renewed from 2022 Fall)

To apply for the International Exchange Student Program, your home university must have an exchange agreement with Tokai University, and you have to be nominated by your home university.

Note: For prospective exchange students wishing to study at Sapporo campus (formerly called Hokkaido Tokai University), please visit the link from the INTERNATIONAL STUDENT PROGRAM FOR THE PARTNER UNIVERSITIES.

Application Deadlines

[Spring Semester] November 30th (Beginning in April)

[Fall Semester] April 30th (Beginning in October)


Note: These files are for prospective exchange students who are nominated by their home institution. The institution representative must send all the following documents to The documents #5 and #6 of the list below must be sent by postal mail also.
  1. Application for International Students (Tokai University)
  2. Application for Certificate of Eligibility (Immigration Bureau of Japan)
    – Please fill out the sheet 1-3 (a total of 3 pages) of the Excel file and assign student’s name and your university as the filename. (Example: Hanako_Shonan_Tokai_University)
    – If the student have ever received a visa for entry into Japan in the past, please write the correct number of times in the ‘Past entry into’ in Page 1.
  3. Copy of passport: PDF
    If you have ever received a visa for entry into Japan in the past, please attach the copies of the visa stamp page of your passport. Any other student who has ever stayed in Japan more than 3 months in the past, please provide us the documents which certify the purpose of stay, such as certificate of internship, graduation and transcript (including attendance rate) etc. issued by the relevant organization(s).
  4. Photographs: 1 data and 4 original ones by postal mail to :

    Be-One Office (Global Initiatives) TOKAI UNIVERSITY
    4-1-1, Kitakaname, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa 259-1292 Japan

    Please check the following website for specifications of photo.
  5. Certificate of scholarship or student loan (Original)
    (Only if the student has a scholarship or student loan)
  6. Additional documents for part-time students (Kookmin University only)
    – Study Plan (free format)
    – Certificate of Enrollment
  7. Exchange Student List (You can prepare it in any format)

Information for ACCEPTED Exchange students

Please let us know your flight information through institution representative 3 weeks prior to your arrival in Japan.

【Move in dates for dormitory】
Spring semester: The last week in March.
Fall semester: 3rd week of September.

【Deadline to leave the dormitory】

Spring semester: August 9th, 2023

Fall semester: February 10th, 2023

International Students Guide