ワシントンセンター(The Washington Center [TWC])

About The Washington Center
The Washington Center provides immersive internships and academic seminars to students from hundreds of colleges and universities and young professionals from across the U.S. and more than twenty-five countries.
We help students who otherwise may not have the opportunity to pursue their interests, experience what a successful career looks like, and establish a path toward their professional future. Along the way, we inspire them to become well-informed, public-spirited, and more socially engaged in their communities.
As the largest, most established program of our kind, we have 90 dedicated, full-time staff and more than 600 higher education, corporate, government, foundation and internship host partners. We are independent, not-for-profit, and committed to providing transformative educational experiences that change lives.
More than 60,000 TWC alumni have gone on to serve the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. They hold leadership positions in virtually every career field, including law, education, social work, medicine, journalism, diplomacy, business, and politics.
(Source: https://twc.edu/about)

TWC Residence


Program Components

Introduction to the course
This program provides participants interested in learning more about the financial role of the private, government, and nonprofit sectors in the U.S. and around the world an opportunity to work and interact with key players and experts in areas such as business environment, corporate responsibility and ethics, and the intersections of business and government. During the 15 weeks of the program, you will complete internships from Tuesday to Friday in organizations located in Washington D.C., attend weekly classes and participate in activities that The Washington Center will organize. You will also complete assignments, exams and simulations.

Start Here – Academic Internship Program Guide (twc.edu)
Each student will be placed in an internship with an organization that fits their interests, academic background, and the skills they possess and hope to learn. Students intern25-35 hours per week.
Academic Course
Each student will be required to complete one academic course during the semester. The evening academic course meets one night per week for three hours and is taught by a Washington Center faculty member. Faculty members are leading practitioners with terminal degrees in their fields. 
A mix of workshops, one-on-one career advising, networking events and assignments are designed to complement what you’ll learn at your internship. Through this programming, you’ll develop the professionalism, communication skills and network necessary to excel in any work environment.
Student Portfolio:
Each student will be required to produce a compilation of documents that showcases their learning experience during the time with TWC. The portfolio assignments are designed to encourage thought and reflection from students on their accomplishments over the course of the program. Portfolio assignments include reflective assignments meant to help students think more deeply about what they are learning, samples of the work they accomplish, and a final capstone assignment in which students describe how the semester contributes to their ultimate personal and career goals.

The Washington Center Fees

Application Fee
$100〜250 ※
Program Fee
will be paid by Tokai University
Housing Fee
Flight ticket
¥250,000~ (為替レートや燃油サーチャージによって変動します)

※Non-refundable Application Fee: Application fee includes processing and J-1 Visa FedEx Delivery

2024年 Spring Program 応募方法






・Be at least 18 years old.

・Be enrolled as an undergraduate student at an accredited college or university.*

・Be a sophomore or above while participating in the program and have completed at least two semesters on campus by the start of our program.

・Maintain a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.75 on a 4.0 scale(2.96 on a 4.3 scale).

・Receive academic credit through your school’s agreement with TWC (or through TWC’s partner institution, Elon University, if your school is not affiliated).

・Have approval from your campus liaison, if you attend an affiliated school.

・Be fully vaccinated prior to your arrival to Washington, D.C. per our vaccination policy (if participating in person).

・TOEFL iBT80またはIELTS™6.5程度の実力を有する者





  • One-page Resumé: Outline your educational background and include experiences like volunteer opportunities, leadership roles on campus, honors and awards. See our resume guide and view sample resumes. 

Resume guide:https://resources.twc.edu/applying/tips-writing-effective-resume

  • Statement of Professional Interest: Write a summary (around 100 words) of what you’re seeking in an internship, the skills you’re hoping to develop and interests you’d like to explore. Please do not specify the name(s) of any particular organization in this statement, as it will be shared with potential internship sites. See our statement of professional interest guide.

Statement of professional interest guide: https://resources.twc.edu/applying/statement-professional-interest

  • Issues Essay or Writing Sample: Write an essay (around 500 words) on a key issue that is relevant to the field you are hoping to intern in or submit a writing sample (around 500 words) from a previous course or experience. See sample issues essays.

Sample issues essays: https://resources.twc.edu/applying/sample-issues-essays

  • Transcript: Upload your transcript directly into the application. An official transcript is preferred, but if your school does not provide digital versions of the official transcript, an unofficial transcript is acceptable.
  • Your TOEFL-iBT or IELTS score ※IELTS™は「アカデミック・モジュール」のスコアです。
  • Copy of your valid passport ID page







Application Fee(125USD。東海大学での選考通過後TWCに支払う必要有り。TWC選考に落ちた場合でも払い戻しはされない)、宿舎費、ビザ申請費用、フライト代、保険代、その他費用については、自己負担。
詳しくは上記「The Washington Center Fees」を参照。





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